Data Center Benefits

Data centers around the globe are being mandated to simultaneously increase energy efficiency, consolidate operations and reduce  costs. Each year, data centers consume approximately two percent of global power consumption. Asetek has leveraged its expertise as the world leading provider of efficient liquid cooling systems to create solutions for data centers that address these mandates by providing energy savings, cost savings, density increases, and noise reduction.

Because liquid is 4,000 times better at storing and transferring heat than air, Asetek's solutions provide immediate and measurable benefits to large and small data centers alike.

Energy Savings

Data center cooling is one of the world’s fastest-growing energy problems. Asetek's data center technology has the ability to reduce global data center energy consumption by up to 50 billion kilowatt-hours annually.


Cost Savings 

Asetek is changing the paradigm of liquid cooling for data centers by making it cost-effective for all data centers, not just the small handful of enormous super-computers that use it today.


Density Increases

Increasing the density per rack, and for the data center as a whole, enables a data center operator to obtain the most compute power in as little space as possible.


Noise Reduction 

It has been well established in the workstation market that reduced noise leads to increased productivity. What many don't realize is that noise level is also a concern in the data center market.


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