Desktop Components

Prior to the introduction of Asetek sealed all-in-one liquid coolers, achieving the high performance and low noise benefits of liquid cooling: 1) required a plumber to install 2) required frequent topping off of the fluid and occasional flushing of the cooling system, 3) suffered from poor reliability and sporadic leaks, and 4) was expensive. Asetek innovations have eliminated these barriers making high performance, reliable, quiet computing available to all.

Below are some of the key components that make Asetek water cooling systems highly reliable, top performing solutions for thermal management of CPUs and GPUs.

Low Profile Pump


Light weight, low profile pump minimizes the weight on CPU sockets while improving access and airflow inside the chassis.

Cold Plate

Expertly engineered copper and aluminum cold plates maximize cooling efficiency.

Liquid Temperature Fan Control

Liquid temperature controlled fans eliminate sudden spikes in noise for a quieter computing experience.



Liquid cooled graphics enable faster, quieter rendering for smooth motion and vivid detail.


Swiveling, flexible, liquid tubes for easy installation and tube routing.