Primary Insiders and Trades

Asetek defines its members of the Board of Directors and the management team, its auditor, as well as those responsible for accounting, finance, communications and legal matters in the company, as primary insiders.

Please click here to find an overview of mandatory notifications of trade.

Name / CompanyFirst NameTitlePosition
Christopher Chris James   BoD member
DeBrass Kim Head of Communications  
Eriksen Andre CEO  
Hamill John VP Global Sales  
Madsen Peter Dam CFO  
McDonnell Jim   BoD member
Nørmølle Mette VP Engineering  
Pangburn David Corporate Controller  
PricewaterhouseCoopers Statsaut. Revisor       Auditor
Skov Torben Økonomichef  
Smidt Jørgen   BoD member
Szteinbaum Samuel Ruben   Chairman of the BoD
Vesei Csaba Senior Director, Operations  
Øversjøen Knut   BoD member