Asetek & Mechatronics – A Word From Our CEO André Eriksen

SimSports and Asetek

Asetek is fully invested in bringing amazing products to the SimSports market.
But you may be wondering just how invested are we? Well, our CEO and Founder, André, is more than happy to tell you a little about that in this brief video!

If you look closely, you may even see a prototype or two of some of the gear that we are going to be bringing to our wonderful future customers!
There also a sneak peak at our event car – a real Audi R8, that’s going to be on display at trade shows, competing in real races and down the line, who knows – maybe you could get a ride in it, with a real race car driver!

Performance. Precision. Passion!
It’s time to get on the grid!

Stay tuned we will be bringing you much more information in the coming weeks and months!

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