Busy week – An update on La Prima, RaceHub and Quick Release

What a busy week it has been here at Asetek SimSports HQ, so we thought it appropriate to give you a little update on the state of affairs.  

First and foremost, we have now sent out payment links to every single preorder placed up until today! So if you have been waiting on your preorder, be sure to check your inbox because the sooner you pay, the sooner we can ship your order.  

This of course also means that our long awaited La Prima line of products are shipping! With the La Prima line, we’ve created our most budget friendly offering to date and we are so excited to see it in the hands of our community. Alongside the La Prima products, we’ve also finalized all Forte and Invicta S-Series orders.  

We want to express gratitude to everyone who believed in us and placed a preorder. So, a massive THANK YOU, to everyone who preordered. We cannot begin to describe how much we appreciate you guys! And we understand that this whole preorder process has been a long one for everyone involved. Too long in fact. Consequently, we have made the decision to avoid preorders from now on. This means that we will only make products available for order when we can ship them to customers the day of the order. 

And to support the new products, we have launched the new 2.2 version of RaceHub featuring support for La Prima, the ability to import and export presets, various bug fixes and much more. We are, however, aware of a few issues regarding this update, so if you are experiencing any of these please read below.

Unable to update pedal-firmware: Stay tuned, a hot-fix is on the way! And don’t worry, you are not missing out on anything.
Unable to update wheelbase-firmware: Contact support at [email protected] or check the pinned in our Facebook community group or on our Discord server.
Rare occurrence of pedals not establishing connection to the PC: Contact support at [email protected] 

Finally, we want to give an update on our upcoming quick release. We know that many are waiting patiently for the release of both the end-user and third-party versions of our quick release, but we have made the decision to change its design. We are laser focused on making sure the quick release is as good as it can possibly be, and we understand the added wait is tough. But in the end, this will benefit both you, our community, and our third-party wheel partners. The new expected shipping timeframe is early June.  

Bwoah, that was a lot – both to write and to read. If you made it this far, good on you. We really appreciate your interest and you are who makes this community great!   

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