How To Claim A $200 Voucher To Our Webshop

What do I need to do to get a voucher?

You get a $/€200 voucher whether you’ve bought the pedals from our webshop or from our authorized resellers.

Any customer who buys, or have purchased, one of the combinations below (1 or 2) before the 31st of December, 2022 gets a $/€200 voucher to our webshop. 

1. Asetek SimSports Invicta™ Pedals or Forte® Pedals (S Series included) and Forte® Direct Drive Wheelbase and Forte® Formula Steering Wheel.


2. Asetek SimSports Invicta™ Pedals or Forte® Pedals (S Series included) and Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase and Forte® Formula Steering Wheel. 

How do I get the voucher?

Just add the serial number of your pedals in the purchase note in your order. The voucher will be added before you receive a request for payment.

If you’ve previously bought from a reseller, or you choose to do that next, the only thing you’ll have to do to get the voucher is:

Send proof of purchase with the serial number of your order to us at [email protected] (both proof of purchase for pedals and your new order, if the two orders have been placed seperately)

You will then receive the $/€200 voucher from us, to spend in our Asetek SimSports webshop. Offer valid up to and including 31st of December, 2022.

How do I use the voucher?

The voucher can be applied to other items in your basket, other than the wheel and wheel base, such as clutch, mounts, boots, long travel kit etc. The voucher can not be applied towards the wheel or the wheelbase, or to cover shipping.

Can I get other discounts?

Our bundles are already discounted.

How long is the voucher valid for?

These offers are valid until we start shipping – hopefully at the end of the year.

Can I use the voucher with a reseller?

No, you cannot use the voucher at a reseller.

You can contact our customer support here if you have any questions regarding these offers.

These offers cannot be applied toward bundles or shipping costs.

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