Limited offer: Buy pedals and receive a free pair of Invicta Boots

Upgrade your Sim-Racing kit now, and be ready for SimExpo 👋

Get a FREE pair of boots when you buy any Asetek SimSports pedal – either in bundle or individually. 👉 Yes – You read that right: a complimentary set of top-quality racing boots designed to take your sim racing to the next level.

Why do you need Sim Racing boots?

Comfort is often overlooked in sim racing. If you’ve ever driven Go-kart, you know how important it is to sit comfortably and relax, to optimize performance. The fastest drivers always look the most relaxed and have the least dramatic driving style – and like in real racing, the same applies to sim racing.

When driving with racing boots, you reduce discomfort, improving consistency in longer races. The Invicta Sim Racing Boots are meticulously crafted with the needs of sim racers in mind. The thin rubber sole provides an excellent feel of the pedals, ensuring a controlled and precise input ⏱️

Whether you’re a passionate sim racer constantly striving for gains on track or just starting to leap into the world of professional virtual racing, you need the right gear.
Small gains might seem meaningless for the casual sim racer, but for the pro, they are crucial.

Despite this, we as sim racers often tend to focus on in-game improvements and forget about other improvements.

Perfect Fit

It’s highly important that the racing boots fit the foot perfectly to experience the optimal feel. Adjusting the boots to your liking is a breeze with the self-fastening strap and laces, ensuring you get that perfect fit at every race.

See you at SimExpo?

We’ll be at ADAC SimExpo in Dortmund in October with our rigs and our newest products. Are you coming? Tag us @aseteksimsports and share your thoughts and experiences 🏁
We can’t wait to see you! 👏

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