Shipping Update on Wheels, Wheelbases and Bundles

As we all know, the production of everything from cars to computer parts has been affected by the current shipping delays caused by the pandemic. As of when we opened for preorders, we were confident that we could start shipping preorders before the end of the year.

We barely came home from ADAC Sim Racing Expo before we learned that, as it stands now, unfortunately, shipping will not be possible this year. Our production of quick releases and carbon parts has been halted due to the complete lockdown of some of our part suppliers.

This now means that – if we receive parts as currently planned – we will be able to start shipping in mid-January (Updated shipping tracker can be found here). We will be shipping on a ‘first in, first out’ basis, meaning the preorders placed first will be shipped first. A tracker will be made, where you can stay updated on when your order number is scheduled to be shipped.

This also impacts the preorder vouchers. First, everyone who keeps their preorder will, of course, keep their vouchers. Second, only preorders made before December 31st will be eligible to receive a voucher. All else stays the same.

We are immensely disappointed that we have to inform you of this, as no one would like to ship more than us to everyone who believed in us enough to preorder our products. There is good reason to maintain your preorder, though, as you will keep your voucher as well as avoid price adjustments (minor increases) effective January 1st.

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