What Can Sim Racing Provide for a Real-World Race Driver?

A racing simulator can be used in multiple ways. The most common is, of course, for the thrill of competitive, immersive racing while in the comfort of your home. But sim racing is also used by race drivers to practice for the real track.

Asetek SimSports driver Valdemar Eriksen has used racing simulators throughout his career to develop his skills as a race driver even faster.

Watch right here to see Valdemar ripping up the track at Padborg Park, Denmark:

Valdemar has always used sim racing to practice for real-world races – like he recently did in Barcelona.

Getting to know a specific circuit, or practicing techniques and corners that can be dangerous in real life, can make a big difference in performance when podium spots are at stake.

However, before a racing simulator can be used for this, it must be authentic enough to simulate the feeling of driving a real car.

The importance of authenticity in sim racing

When developing sim racing products, you want to give the user the closest possible feeling to driving a real race car.

If the sim racing pedals for example, don’t give an authentic feeling of trail braking at high speeds, the race driver can’t use them as a practice tool to perform better. But if the racing simulator is authentic enough, it can be used to practice different scenarios and techniques in real-world racing.

In this context, Valdemar Eriksen says, “With the right brakes, you can actually practice going into a turn at high speed.”

At Asetek SimSports, we have used feedback from Valdemar and other real-world race drivers, to develop our Invicta sim racing pedals to make them as authentic as possible.

Valdemar goes on to describe more about his approach to sim racing to practice for real-world racing:

The second-best option to actual race practice

If you want to get better at something, you have to practice.

But practicing on race tracks is extremely expensive, which is why sim racing is the second-best option.

Valdemar says he uses sim racing to practice new tracks and gives a specific example right here:

Even though sim racing is often used for pleasure and excitement, it can also be used by race drivers to hone their skills and learn new tracks around the world.

Valdemar is a great example of this.

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