Parameters for Existing Air Cooled Data Center           Cooling Power Savings
  Server Power   W     Air Cooled Data Center      
  Number of Servers Per Rack (currently)   servers/rack       Annual Cooling Power   kWh
  Server Size (in rack units)*   U       Annual Cooling Cost    
  Rack Size (in rack units)   U              
  Rack Space Reserved for Network Switches, etc.   U/rack     RackCDU Cooled Data Center      
  Total Number of Servers in Data Center   servers        Annual Cooling Power   kWh
  Data Center PUE           Cooling  Power Savings   %
  % of Overhead Power Used for Cooling   %       Annual Cooling Cost    
  Electricity Cost   $/kWh              
                Annual RackCDU Cooling Cost Savings    
                Reduction in Carbon Emmissions (CO2)**   tons
Parameters for RackCDU Cooled Data Center                    
  % of Server Power Cooled by RackCDU   %     Density Benefit
  Useful % for Energy Recovery at Your Location    %     Air Cooled Data Center      
  Natural Gas Cost   $/Therm       Racks Required   racks 
              RackCDU Cooled Data Center      
                Racks in RackCDU Data Center   racks
                Rack Savings   fewer racks
                Density Benefit   x denser
              Server Energy Recovery
              RackCDU Cooled Data Center      
                Annual IT Power   kWh
                IT Energy Recovery   kWh
                Value of Energy Recovery***    
                ERE (Energy Reuse Efficiency)   %
                Reduction in Carbon Emmissions (CO2)***   tons
* For blade servers: enter size of blade chasses in RU divided by number of blades per blade chassis, e.g. enter 0.6 for a 6U blade chassis that supports 10 blades.        
** Calculated at California Public Utilities Commission approved ClimateSmart electric emissions rate of 0.524 lbs of CO2 per kWh.      
*** Assumes recovered energy reduces purchases and burning of natural gas at ClimateSmart natural gas emissions rate of 13.446 lbs of CO2 per Therm.