Our Management Team

Asetek’s management team members each bring with them a rich experience base to lead the company forward.


Chief Executive Officer/Founder
André Eriksen

As the founder of Asetek, André has filled basically all positions in the company over the years and scaled from a young entrepreneur to an experienced and charismatic CEO and he is one out of a very few that has literally taken a company from the basement to the stock exchange.

Chief Financial Officer
Peter Dam Madsen

As Aseteks Chief Financial Officer since 2006, Peter has deep insight into the financial and operational infrastructure of the company. He carries the main responsibility for all financial systems and structures throughout the legal entities in Denmark, USA, China and Taiwan.

Chief Operating Officer
John Hamill

As Chief Operating Officer John Hamill is responsible for Asetek’s daily operations, including sales and marketing, engineering, and operations.

Vice President, Global Research and Development
Thomas Ditlev

As Vice President, Global Research and Development, Thomas is responsible for all aspects of Asetek’s worldwide engineering and development operations across both desktop and data center segments.

Vice President & General Manager, B2B Business Unit
Dipak Rao

As Vice President & General Manager, B2B Business Unit, Dipak Rao is responsible for Asetek’s worldwide sales operations and product management, including field applications engineering and the worldwide desktop and data center sales teams.

Vice President, Global Quality
Magnus Hakanen

As Vice President of Global Quality, Magnus is overall responsible for quality assurance & quality control within Asetek’s worldwide operation. Magnus responsibilities includes that proactive quality assurance and continuous improvement processes are implemented in order to ensure that Asetek’s products meets our customers expectation.

Vice President, Global Operations
Henrik Gertz

As Vice President of Operations, Henrik, who is based out of Asetek’s Aalborg facility, is responsible for all aspects of Asetek’s worldwide operations including sourcing, manufacturing and fulfilment.

Director of Branding & Outbound Marketing
Solveig Malvik

In her role as Director of Branding Solveig is responsible for corporate communication and branding for Asetek.