Ever since Asetek was founded in 2000, we have been aware that the company needs to be a positive contributor to society. That is how Asetek CFO Peter Dam Madsen describes the ongoing development whose logical follow-up now is a sustainability report that will enhance the company’s profile externally as well as raise awareness within it.

Asetek is constantly creating new jobs, thereby providing the economic foundation for an ever-growing number of families connected to our offices around the world.

“And through our focus on data centres especially, we are creating products that help our customers to save and recover large quantities of energy, supporting their work by achieving a sustainable balance. We are proud of that,”

adds Peter Dam Madsen, who has been part of the Asetek journey for the past 15 years. He continues:

“In recent years, sustainability has taken on growing importance in our relationship with our investors, too. We are finding that it is no longer enough just to take sensible action internally. Now, we must demonstrate publicly what we are doing. To that end, we are making commitments and defining goals to help set our direction and get everyone on board for the shared journey. By doing so, management is sending out guiding signals to the entire company”

Asetek's Sustainability Goals

// Asetek’s operations are carbon neutral
(Scope 1 + 2, partly 3) by 2023

// We have reduced our absolute CO2 emissions by a
minimum of 50% (index year 2019)

// We have conducted an LCA assessment on 100%
of our products

// 100% of our primary suppliers have signed Asetek’s
Responsible Business Relationships Code of Conduct

// 100% of our employees have a high understanding
of Asetek’s goals within sustainability

// We systematically collect quantitative data for all our
sustainability policy areas to ensure a high-quality
standard of our sustainability data and the ability to
monitor progress of our efforts

// Our goals align 100% with RBA

// We have defined and implemented a process for
continuously identifying, preventing or mitigating
potential and/or actual adverse impacts according
to the principles reflected in our sustainability policy
commitments and the UNGPs/OECD

// We have significantly increased communication,
transparency and awareness of our efforts towards
our stakeholders

So in 2020, whether in Denmark, the USA, China or elsewhere around the world, Asetek concentrated on creating clarity about the different initiatives that were already active. Sometimes, the task involved talking about the context and reporting, thus picking the low-hanging fruit. Now that the company and its staff have grown along with the task, it’s about setting a course, agreeing on goals and ratcheting up the ambition level.

“We need to combine the wishes of customers and society at large with our own efforts and goals, and with the demands we have to make of our suppliers,” explains Peter Dam Madsen.

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