Current Shipping Status of the Invicta™ Pedals

NB: This blog post may be updated at a later time as it comments on a situation that is subject to change. Bear in mind, this is only a snapshot of the current status. Pre-order tracker last updated: June 16th.

SPECIAL UPDATE, May 19th, 2022: Shipping Continues From Next Week

We know you are excited to get your hands (or feet) on your pedals, and we want to thank you for your continued patience regarding the pre-order and shipping process.

Recently we’ve experienced some delays in our supply chain, due to COVID-19-related challenges in China. This means we’ve experienced a shortage of brake cylinders used for the pedals.

We’ve been working tirelessly to overcome this situation and today we want to share some good news with all of you. We expect to start shipping larger quantities from Monday 23rd of May, as well as an expectation to have fulfilled all pre-orders by mid-June.

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Update April 25th, 2022: Covid-19 Related Supply Chain Challenge (see latest update above)

Due to covid-19-related challenges in China, we are currently experiencing delivery delays of a key component.

Specifically, the strict lockdown situation in Shanghai and the surrounding areas means we are now facing a shortage of this key component which impacts the production of the Invicta Pedal Set.

We are working hard to remedy this situation and restore production in Denmark to its previous level. We ask all customers to be patient while resolving this issue as quickly as possible.


Shipping the Invicta pedals

We are getting a lot of requests regarding the shipping situation of the Invicta™ pedals. We understand that!

All our pre-order customers are excited to receive their pedals, and of course, everyone wants to know when exactly they can expect to get their package. Here’s the thing:

Sadly, we can’t give specific shipping dates. Partly because no customers have prepaid, meaning we need to provide each pre-order customer a few days to pay before we put them back in line, and we can confirm that we have seen massive demand for our first sim racing product.

However, we still want to offer as much clarity as we can:

Due to the global situation (pandemic, shutdowns in China, etc.), we, unfortunately, have gotten a sudden limited supply of a single, critical component for our brake cylinders.

We are working hard to resolve the issue, but we DO ship between 50 and 100 sets of pedals every working day while this is ongoing, split 50/50 between webshop customers and our global resellers. Because of the new supply chain challenges as mentioned in the April 25th update above, this will continue as soon as we again have stock. All orders are being handled on a first-come, first-served basis – starting with customers who pre-ordered back in November.

We understand this can cause impatience – on our side too!

However, we are not charging anyone’s credit card until we ship their product. We will get to every single order as quickly as possible 🙂

You are always welcome to reach out to our customer support at We hope you understand we can’t answer when we will ship a specific order because of the above.

In addition, we have also installed and will regularly update a progress tracker for all pre-orders. See the tracker below.

Pre-order tracker Invicta


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