The Forte® Load Cell Pedals: What Do The Reviews Say?

This blog post will be updated continuously as new reviews of the Forte pedals are published. Latest update: May 23rd

If you’ve been pacing for reviews of the Forte pedals, the wait is now over. 

We believe that we have made the best load cell sim racing pedals on the market, but what do the reviewers say? Find out below where we have gathered several reviews (in no particular order).

Pre-orders of the 449.00 USD/EUR Forte pedals are open. Check out the cool features of the pedals, or dive into the great reception they have gotten:

Dave Cam

Would I put these on my rig and would I use them? Absolutely! No question at all. These are as good as any load cell pedal set I have ever, ever tried.

I think the build quality is absolutely excellent… Build quality: faultless!

Laurence Dusoswa

“… Arguably the best value pedal set on the market. Yep, I mean it…

All in all, this is one of the best pedal sets I have ever used and it’s definitely one of the best value-for-money sets on the market if not THE BEST value-for-money…

If you have a spare 700 EUR and are looking for pedals, this is a seriously good option and you’ll probably never need to upgrade again.”

Ron Reviewt

“In terms of price-performance ratio, the Asetek Forte pedals mark the top of my loadcell pedal solutions tested to date.

… a clear purchase recommendation for enthusiasts if you want to get closer to the realism of racing. Reasons for this are a short pedal travel on the brake, the possibilities to penetrate into braking forces on the pedal and to want to refine the trailbraking technology with a well thought-out 2-way concept of elastomers.”

Random Callsign

“… As load cell pedals go, it’s really hard to go much better than this. It has a sturdy construction, it has an excellent load cell cylinder design with some interesting features.

It’s a super precise braking feel with very excellent detail, and honestly, it’s super familiar. The pedal assembly is rigid with all the force being put through. It doesn’t really miss a beat, it is stable, it is rigid. It’s really easy to modulate your braking”

Karl Gosling

I personally quite like the design.

The fit, the finish, the tolerances – all very, very high quality

Don’t forget to pre-order the Forte™ sim racing pedals! First shipments are currently expected in late June 2022.

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