Start Your Sim Racing Journey With La Prima™

One of the great aspects of sim racing is that it gives ordinary people like you and me the opportunity to drive cars that we usually only dream of. And not only can we drive these unattainable cars. We can also compete in competitive races – whether it’s a McLaren MP4/4 or a Pagani Huayra R.

To get going with immersive sim racing, you must have the right hardware in your rig. Initially, it starts with a set of sim racing pedals, a sim racing steering wheel, and a sim racing wheelbase. Later, you can add more hardware to your sim racing setup to create a more authentic experience.

Your sim racing setup does not have to be the most expensive on the market before you can enjoy immersive sim racing. At the beginning of your sim racing journey, it’s all about having good experiences and learning the basics of racing. And then, you can subsequently upgrade your setup when you feel the need for it.

If you are completely new to sim racing, you can learn more about the various aspects right here in our sim racing guide for beginners.

La Prima Bundle: Your Way Into Sim Racing

At Asetek SimSports, we naturally want everyone interested in racing and motorsports to start sim racing. But we also understand 100% that a complete sim racing setup is a big investment.

This is one of the reasons why we’ve created the La Prima Bundle, which consists of:

The La Prima™ Clutch System is an additional option.

You can buy every La Prima individually right here.

la prima sim racing setup

The La Prima Bundle is for you who want to get started with sim racing without compromising on the quality of the products. Buying a La Prima Bundle can also work as a stepping stone to a more expensive and high-end sim racing setup in the future.

For example, it’s an option to upgrade your La Prima Sim Racing Pedals to Forte® Sim Racing Pedals or Invicta™ Sim Racing Pedals by purchasing a specific upgrade kit.

The upgrade kits are always an option, regardless of whether you have raced 1 or 1000 hours with your La Prima sim racing setup. You can always upgrade your setup if the need occurs.

A Stepping Stone Toward a High-End Sim Racing Setup

This platform philosophy also ensures that you can upgrade your sim racing setup without considering whether you must get rid of your existing pedals.

Furthermore, you don’t have to pay the total price for new products because you simply upgrade your existing products to the next level.

Better for you – better for the environment.

Whether you’re about to start your sim racing journey or are an established sim racer, the La Prima Bundle is an option because you don’t get stuck in traffic. You can take it to the next level at any time by upgrading your sim racing setup with the respective upgrade kits.

We’ll soon provide more specific information about the upgrade kits.

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