Wheelbase Settings for F1 23

We’re back with another one of our popular Wheelbase settings guides, and with the release of F1 23, we will, of course, be covering that in this guide.  

With guides for iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione already out, we will, of course, be covering more games, and we are currently working on both the original Assetto Corsa as well as Automobilista 2.

However, This wheelbase setup is for F1 23 and has been developed for the formula cars in that game, meaning the 2023 Formula 1 cars and the 2022 Formula 2 cars and not the supercars. The gap in handling characteristics and force feedback profile is simply too big between the supercars and the formula cars to make a setup that works well with both. And since this is an F1 game, we have focused on the Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars.  

Like last time, we will not go into detail with every single setting, but if you want to know more about this, we suggest you check out our iRacing guide, where we go into greater detail, or check out the tooltips in RaceHub. And like the last two setups, this is not THE one and only setup but a great starting point you should try and develop your own personal setup from. This setup has been created to suit all three of our wheelbases, but in certain cases we will provide specific settings for specific wheelbases. 

We’ll start with the RaceHub settings and move on to the in-game settings in F1 23 afterwards. 

RaceHub Settings 

Steering range – 360° 

In reality, and depending on the track, the steering range can be more than 360°, but the game works best at 360° so we’ll match that in RaceHub. 

Bumpstop Hardness – Soft  

Bumpstop Range – 5° 

High-Frequency Limit – 3300 Hz 

Damping – 20% 

Friction – 0% 

Inertia – Off 

Cornering Force Assist – 2 

Overall Force – 16 Nm 

La Prima – 12 Nm  

The La Prima is a little less powerful than the others, so we’ve turned it to its max. And as always, this is probably the setting that is the most up to personal preference, so be sure to play around with it.  

Torque Behavior Prediction – 1 

Torque Acceleration Limit – Max 

That is 9.4 Nm/ms on the Invicta wheelbase, 6.7 Nm/ms on the Forte wheelbase, and 4.0 Nm/ms on the La Prima wheelbase. 

Anti-Oscillation – 0% 

F1 23 Settings 

Vibration & Force Feedback – On 

Vibration & Force Feedback Strength – 45%  

This controls the strength of the force feedback signal being sent to the wheelbase. 45% is a good starting point for powerful direct drive wheelbases.  

On Track Effects – 10% 

This boosts the effects of changes in the track, like bumps and surface changes, and having this at 10% adds a little bit of immersion without being overpowering and distracting.  

Rumble Strip Effects – 30% 

Rumble strips will generally refer to kerbs and how much you will feel them vibrating the wheel. Again, we’ll balance immersion and distraction; 30% is a good starting point. 

Off Track Effects – 0% 

Adjusting this will affect the feel of the wheel when you go off track and black turns green. Essentially, this should not be needed when racing and the effect won’t really help you go any faster, so we’ve set it to 0%, but if you want total immersion, consider turning this up.  

Wheel Damper – 0% 

This will, well, dampen the feel of the force feedback. With these settings, however, it is not needed so we’ll set it to 0% 

Maximum Wheel Rotation (F1 & F2) – 360°  

Like previously stated, this game represents reality best when set to 360°. But if you watch eSports, you may see some of them drive with setting a bit lower and some even below 300°. They do this to make the car more responsive, so their wheel inputs will have a more significant impact, but it will come at the expense of precision. So if you’re planning a glorious career in F1 eSports you can try that out, but for general, all-purpose driving, we’ll stick with 360°. 

Maximum Wheel Rotation (Supercars) – 900°  

This setup is tailored to the Formula 1 and Formula 2 cars in this game, but if you want to drive the supercars, you should set this to 900°. 

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