High Performance, High Wattage Densities

Cutting edge AI and HPC clusters require not only the highest performance versions of the latest CPU and GPU offerings from Intel, AMD and NVIDIA, but all packaged in dense configurations. 

This translates to substantially higher wattage densities at both the node-level and rack-level to minimize the interconnect distance between servers both in and between racks.  

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Optimizing Compute Throughput

Air heat sinks struggle to handle the heat to maintain maximum throughput. Reducing rack densities results in greater latency and lower overall throughput.  

Liquid enables efficient cooling of high wattage CPUs, GPUs and memory without sacrificing density for performance. Liquid cooling also improves reliability and allows for future proofing of racks for even higher kW servers and blades. 


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Asetek Liquid Cooling Solutions

Asetek offers a flexible, proven and reliable liquid cooling solutions for air cooled and liquid cooled data centers.
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