Air-Cooled Data Centers

With Artificial Intelligence (AI), HPC-style server configurations are moving into traditional air-cooled data centers. To accommodate these high performance, high density servers, data center operators must grapple with not only the increased power densities but also the thermal challenges that they present.

Liquid Cooling without Facilities Water

The ideal solution would be to incorporate liquid cooled servers without the need for costly infrastructure changes to bring facility water to each rack. The Asetek InRackLAAC solution allows for this through a managed implementation of liquid cooling in the data center.

The system consists of Direct-to-Chip (D2C) server cooling loops to capture the processor heat and rejects that heat into the data center environment via the InRackLAAC. The system is completely sealed and does not require any facility water to reject the heat captured.


Asetek InRackLAAC Liquid Cooled Data Center Platform

Asetek Solutions for Air Cooled Data Centers

Intel Buchanan Pass cooler with Asetek liquid cooling

D2C Ingredient Coolers

Drop-in replacements for air heat sinks that transfer heat out of the server with liquid. 

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Asetek InRackLAAC liquid cooled Data Center Platform


Rack level Liquid Assisted Air Cooled (LAAC) solution for air cooled data centers.