InRackLAAC™ -- For Air-Cooled Data Centers

The Asetek InRackLAAC system is capable of removing up to 6.4 kW of total processor power from liquid cooled servers. The system is designed to be installed in traditional air-cooled data centers and enables deployment of high wattage processors in clusters with high interconnect densities without the need for costly infrastructure changes.

Designed to work with Asetek Direct-to-Chip (D2C) cooling loops that captures between 60-80% of server heat, the existing CRAC and CRAH units in the data center rejects the heat captured from the liquid cooled servers

Features and Benefits

  • Rack-mounted 2U cabinet containing liquid-to-air (L2A) heat exchanger
  • Capable of rejecting up to 6.4kW of total processor power
  • Captures 60% to 80% of server heat with Asetek D2C cooling loops
  • Supports up to 12 cooling loops
  • Monitoring system reports out system warnings and alarms
Asetek Inracklaac Transparent Back 3K width