Advanced Cooling for PC Enthusiasts, Gamers & Esports Athletes

Hardware-savvy gamers, enthusiasts and Esports athletes all require peak performance and reliability from their hardware to drive an immersive gaming experience. That’s why the biggest names in high-performance PC components turn to Asetek when developing their premium all-in-one liquid cooling solutions. Aggressive heat dissipation allows for further overclocking to increase performance.

Liquid Cooling Technology

We invented the all-in-one (AIO) liquid cooler and continue to invest in research and new technologies.

We’re committed to enabling greater performance so that your system can reach its maximum potential.  

Our partners continue to turn to us for our expertise in thermal, mechanical, and electrical engineering.

Liquid Cooling Technology

CPU and GPU Cooling

We offer CPU and GPU liquid coolers designed for improved acoustics and greater overclocking potential over stock air cooling solutions.

Quality & Reliability

We take quality and reliability seriously. Without it, we could not have become the recognized leader of sealed loop liquid coolers with over 6-million coolers in the market. Our coolers undergo rigorous testing to ensure reliability.

  • Helium Integrity Testing

Assembled systems are filled with Helium and checked for escaping gas. If tiny Helium molecules cannot escape, neither can much larger water molecules.

  • Precision Filling

We remove all air from the system using a vacuum, then liquid is allowed to rush in.

  • Performance Testing

Asetek liquid coolers are 100% performance tested before they leave the factory.

  • Extreme Temperature Testing

Our coolers are sealed within a freezer to test performance in extreme temperatures.

Quality & Reliability

Industry Leading OEM Partners

You can say, “We’re your favorite brand’s - favorite brand!”
Asetek liquid cooling solutions power many of the leading brands of high-end gaming PCs on the market.
Check out the list of premier brand Gaming OEM partners and Build Your Own OEM partners who’ve integrated Asetek technology into their offerings.

  • Prebuilt PC Partners
  • DIY Partners