UGT Manager Beta

Please note, for some new devices shipping in steering wheels running older firmware, you must install the stable release before upgrading to a beta

Most recent Beta version:


Release notes

New in UGT Manager Main App:

* Silent Reconnect
* System Menu
- Show Connection Info
- Open Error Logs Folder
- Connection Test
- Delay Configuration
- Reset Device and Reconnect
- Reset Device NOT Connecting

New in Mappings:

* Reset_Reconnect
* Reset_Only

Bug Fixes:

General, All Sims:

* Load Correct Layouts
* Update Mappings Correctly when Sim is running

Codemasters F1 Series:

* Mapped Keystrokes are now loaded correctly
* QuickMenu_Up Keystroke (Mappings) is now working correctly
* ERS/KERS and DRS are now displayed correct if racing the Generic Car [F1 2020 only]

Project Cars 1:

* Is now working correct in sessions with less than 16 Cars

Assetto Corsa Competizione:

* Corrected Brake Bias values for New Cars
* Corrected DisplayNames for All Cars


* Added more options to Delay Configuration
* Added "Stop on Error" Tickbox to Delay Configuration (Off by Default)
* Special Layouts are now displayed one by one instead of "all at once"
* "Open Logs" in Global Options got renamed to "Open Race Logs Folder"
* All "Allow Sliders" tickboxes in Mappings are now unticked initially

Please read the release notes for more detailed information!

Older Beta versions:

Thanks to current beta testers.

19/10/20 1.6.7597.40781 – download here

This is update 4 to the previous beta

Added logging: this can cause stability issues and should only be turned on if requested by UGT or if the device is already crashing. (logs files accessible from Global Options->Logs button)

Added settings import/export (accessible under Global Options)

UDP port 5056 added in port check for pCARS1

Fix for fuel consumption calculations and brake temps for rFactor 2

Fixes for iRacing

Fix for minor blinking bug in Optimal lap data item

Fix to screen freezing under certain conditions while changing layouts


25/09/20 1.6.7573.23632 – download here

This is update 3 to the previous beta

22/09/20 1.6.7570.33464 – download here

This is update 2 to the previous beta

-Support for Richard Burns Rally

-Support for Grid 2019

-F1 2020 bug fixes

-Added delay configuration form to allow data speed to be changed

31/08/20 1.6.7545.37537- download here

– Support for extra LED’s

– American Truck Simulator Support

Previous beta 1.6.7531.24017 released to stable 15/09/20

15/08/20 1.6.7531.24017- download here

This is update 5 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– iRacing and layout generator stability improvements to prevent occasional display hang and missed shifts

13/08/20 1.6.7530.27711

This is update 4 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– Layout Generator import fix when importing a layout with custom fonts.
– Fuel bar and tire wear data fixed while running test data

10/08/20 1.6.7523.33960

This is update 3 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– Layout Generator issue when using fewer than 14 colours in a layout before a gap in layout numbers
– Data Sending fix to stop data turning off when closing settings or layout generator while a sim is running
– Added a check to to prevent Layout Generator and Media Manager from opening if a simulation is running (settings and mappings for currently running sim or Global can be opened while a sim is running)

30/07/20 1.6.7515.22071

This is update 2 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
– iRacing: updated support for very Long Tracks in 25km+ / up to 14 Sectors like Nürburgring combined
– Fixed missing mapping options like: KPH/MPH, Sub_Page_Cycle and Extra_info_Cycle in some Simulations (check your Mappings)
– Settings window now in tabbed views to improve accessibility and fit common monitor sizes and resolutions
– Added Brightness_Up and Brightness_Down to be able to map 2 buttons or one encoder to increase/Decrease Brightness by 5% (20 steps from brightest to darkest)

27/07/2020 -1.6.7508.24299

This is update 1 to the previous beta release 10/07/2020 and contains the following fixes
-F1 2020: Stability fixes plus support for more than 22 cars (allows My Team Races)
-IRacing: Nurburgring plus other tracks starting in pits now gives data output
-Layout Generator bug fix to handle deleted layouts

Previous Beta 10/07/2020

DO NOT INSTALL THIS BETA VERSION if you’ve deleted layouts and have a
jump between layout numbers (ie you’ve deleted number 5 so it goes 1, 2,
3, 4, 6, 7 etc).

– Specific settings for sim / car class / car
– Configurable dynamic colours including optimal ranges
– Extra data Items
– Layout Generator: Major backend overhaul. You will be able to see the data items available for each sim so you know which ones you can use when building layouts.
– Improvements in all supported sims.
– F1 2020 Compatibilty.
– If using 4K resolution, please change scaling to 225% to see save button on settings form.
**Configuration of Project Cars 1, Project Cars 2 and Automobilista 2 has changed compared to previous versions!! (Click Info Button on UGT Manager to see the correct settings!)

– Many iRacing improvements
– Graphical bars added to display
– Game support for graphical bars
– Layout generator support for graphical bars
– Additional layouts can be downloaded on the layout download page
*** you must be running the latest firmware for this version to work correctly ***

1.2.7327.39780 (10/02/20)
– Raceroom compatibility improvements
– Assetto Corsa Pro compatibility completed
– IRacing: improvements
– Moved file system update into layouts menu

1.2.7320.3125 (16/01/20)
-Raceroom compatibility: Fixed Raceroom causing screen crashes with certain data items, fixed RPM indicator
-F1 2019: Various fixes to improve stability
-Fixed UGT Manager LED slider min/max values causing app crash
-IRacing: improvements
-UGT Manager now refreshing correctly after layout import
-Added AC Pro support

1.2.7271.36519 (01/12/19)
– Special Layouts
– File system update and synchronising
– Hybrid cars
– Launch control

1.2.7208.4656 (25/09/19)
– Greatly Improved AC support (ACC to be updated soon), rFactor and rFactor 2 Delta times and DRS updates, bug fixed when steam is installed with no games present

1.2.7150.35652 (30/07/19)

– Added iRacing driver info in Timetrial, Updated Raceroom data output for Gear

1.2.7149.30072 (29/07/19)
– Improved iRacing support, Added Beta RaceRoom Support

1.2.7146.24172 (26/07/19)
– Improved iRacing support, removed file system check on app load

1.2.7144.34062 (25/07/19)
– Improved game compatibility: Project Cars 2, iRacing, F1 2019 using new data output