To install additional layouts

  1. Download the layout (click on the thumbnail and follow the link to download)
  2. In UGT Manager click “Import Layout”
  3. Select the layout to import
  4. After import, choose whether to upload the background images (labels) for the imported layouts.  Note:  until you do this, you will see just the data items with no labels or borders.

Layouts 1-10 are shipped with the RaceLCD


Layouts which will work on any version:

The following layouts require UGT version 1.2.7117.36934 (27/06/19) or newer

Layouts for the latest version 1.2.7369.38313 some with graphical bars
The following layouts require UGT Version 1.2.7369.38313 or newer.
Firmware Version: 01/01/20rC or newer


Layouts created by UGT Manager users – thank for sending them

Cube Controls Layout