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[Closed] Announcement - week 12

Hawri Behrami
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To Our Valued Customers,

We are getting a lot of requests regarding the shipping situation of Invicta pedals. We cannot give specific shipping dates. Partly because no customers have prepaid, meaning we need to provide each preorder customer a few days to pay before we put them back in line, and we can confirm that we have seen massive demand for our first sim racing product.

However, to offer everyone the best level of clarity available: Due to the global situation (Pandemic, shutdowns in China, etc.), we, unfortunately, have gotten a sudden limited supply of a single, critical component for our brake cylinders. We are working tirelessly to resolve the constraint, but we DO ship between 50 and 100 sets of pedals every working day while this is ongoing. Of those units, 50% will be allocated to our Webshop customers, and 50% will be allocated to our global resellers to help serve their preorders.

We understand this can cause impatience – on our side too. However, we are not charging anyone’s credit card until we ship their product. We will get to every single order as quickly as possible 🙂

Please understand that we can simply not answer inquiries about when we will ship specific orders because of the above.

Asetek SimSports Team

Topic starter Posted : 26/03/2022 9:31 am