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Clutch – Adjusting the Clutch

Attention: Avoid eye contact with the lubrication grease and wash hands thoroughly after adjustment

The Asetek SimSports® Invicta™ Clutch feature multiple mechanical
adjustments, that can be made to increase the precision,
performance, and experienced immersion. In this section we will
teach you have to easily make these adjustments and further
unleash your passion for sim racing.

The clutch is a crucial part when the race begins, and the drivers
needs to get in front of the grid. We have developed a clutch which
features a proper bite point. In development, we have tried to
replicate the release baring of a real car, which gives a proper kick
back of the clutch. The bite point is the exact moment where the
clutch connects, and your race car moves forward.

It is essential to make sure you have the correct pedal angle in any
racing style. Setting this correctly will allow you to use musclememory to your advantage, and make you go even faster around
the track!

The clutch is set up in its default configuration (out of the box) to
give you maximum immersion. In other words, they are set up to be
focused on realism – like what you would find in a real race car. In
combination with the Invicta™ Brake & Throttle, the Invicta™ Clutch is
as default position, further forward from the brake to ensure that
you will hit the brake pedal as the first thing in an emergency on

The setup of the Invicta™ pedals (clutch and brake & throttle) is how
it works in a real race car. We recommend you drive for several
hours first and try to adapt. In a real race car, where you often have
different drivers in the car (as well as in many endurance sim races),
the pedals are adjusted like the above, and there is no opportunity
to change that specifically to any driver.

If you prefer settings otherwise, the pedal angle can easily be
adjusted, due to the easily adjustable toolless system


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