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Clutch – Change Clutch Pedal Curves

The clutch often has a light force at end of the travel before the
pedal kicks back. The Asetek SimSports® Invicta™ Clutch allow the
end-user to switch between the different force curve settings.
You can adjust the clutch pedal curves by switching between the
four available holes in the pivot bracket, visualized in the
illustration below.

Each individual curve tells mechanically when you hit the real
bite-point feeling, which is reached at the peak of the increase,
before the curve declines again. The Y-Axis describes the force
required, and X-axis describe the travel.

Curve 1

Curve 2

Curve 3

Curve 4

These options give you the power of determining, which force
curve suits you the best, to get fastest out of the grid.
To adjust the clutch curve:

1. Loosen the spring tension locknut completely.

2. Remove the spring locking pins.

3. Remove the clutch pivot pin and bushing to release the
clutch tension spring.

4. Align the clutch tension spring to the desired hole in the
pivot bracket.

5. Re-insert the bushing and pivot pin through the pivot
bracket and clutch tension spring.
6. Lock the clutch pivot pin in place with the spring locking
7. Recalibrate your clutch in RaceHub™

Attention: Make sure the mounting of the pedal is set and all parts are secured rightly before use.


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