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Clutch – Pedal Angle Adjustment

To make sure your pedals are set up just the way you like them,
the Invicta® Clutch pedal offer the possibility of adjusting the
angle of the pedal. The adjustment is a simple process. Simply
follow the instructions below:

1. You can adjust the pedal stops on the clutch
pedal by loosening the locking thumbnut

2. Remove the rod clevis and lift up the rod

3. Push the pedal slightly forward, and rotate
the thumbscrew (Clockwise to move the
pedal forwards, counterclockwise to move the
pedal backwards)

3. Once you have achieved your desired
position, tighten the locking thumbnut

4. Recalibrate your clutch in RaceHub®
(see section 5.3 Pedal Calibration)

We suggest that you have the brake pedal arm tilted a bit more
forward that the throttle and clutch, as in a real car. Imagine
driving a race car and things go wrong and you are losing your
car, you would rather press the brake than the throttle to avoid a
potential crash.


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