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Forte™ – Elastomer Types

Elastomer Types

We include three (3) different elastomers from the factory that provides different sensations.

• The yellow (white w/ text) elastomer is the softest and provides easier travel on your brake pedal.

• The orange (green w/ text) elastomer is the medium and provides a more realistic breaking experience. It is close to the real deal, but not quite there. However, it is a happy medium for most sim racers. The orange (green w/ text) elastomer is preinstalled, by default, in the Forte™ pedals.

• The red (yellow w/ text) elastomer is the hardest. It provides an ultra-realistic brake feeling like you would experience in a Formula car. It is very hard, and to most people, it will, instinctively, feel like kicking a wall. This gives you the ultimate ability to train your muscle memory and shave those all-important last hundreds of a second off your lap time.

Swapping the included elastomers will allow you to customize the resistance on your brake pedal. As mentioned in “Explaining the Brakes” the elastomer does not make a difference to pedal travel. Only how much force is required to get through the “soft stage” and enter the “hard stage”.

These are our recommendations if you want to adapt your pedal to something that will feel close to the real deal:

• Formula, LMP, and similar cars: Red (yellow w/ text)

• Rally, Nascar, and GT: Orange (green w/ text)

• Road cars: Yellow (white w/ text) elastomer

Note: Please be aware that only the included elastomer lengths, hardness’s and types, or those sold on the Asetek SimSports™ Webshop, are officially supported by Asetek SimSports™. Failure as a result of using different elastomer hardness’s, types, or lengths will void your warranty.

Elastomer Comparison Chart:


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