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Invicta™ – Adjusting the brake pedal angle

1. To adjust the brake pedal angle, you will have to remove the
clevis attaching the T.H.O.R.P.™ brake cylinder push rod to
the pedal arm and swing the cylinder out of the way of
the brake pedal. To achieve this you must first unlock the
thumbnut on the rod.

Attention: Please be aware that the edges on the rod clevis can be sharp.

2. Remove the clevis lock pin

3. Swing the cylinder out of the way. Please note that on a flat surface, you will have to unmount the pedals, to achieve

4. When the cylinder is out of the way, you can adjust the
pedal stops by loosening the locking thumbnut

5. Push the pedal slightly forward, and rotate the thumbscrew

6. Once you have achieved your desired position, tighten the
locking thumbnut.

7. Adjust the pushrod length by turning the clevis until
it perfectly matches up with the hole in the pedal arm.
Re-insert the clevis lock pin.

This way, there is no preload on the brake cylinder, which
is essential to achieve a 100% stable calibration and not
prematurely wear out the brake cylinder. Once these steps are
completed, you should recalibrate.


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