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Invicta™ – Adjusting your pedals

Attention: Avoid eye contact with the lubrication grease and wash hands thoroughly after adjustment.

It is essential to make sure you have the correct pedal angle
in any racing style. Setting this correctly will ensure maximum
braking efficiency, allow you to use muscle memory to your
advantage, and make you go even faster around the track!
The pedals are set up in their default configuration (out of the
box) to give you maximum immersion. In other words, they are
set up to be focused on realism – like what you would find in a
real race car. The brake is at 90° to the base, and the throttle
tilted a few degrees forward. This allows for the most efficient
braking and will allow you to train your muscle memory to
perfection while also maximizing your trail braking potential.
The throttle and clutch pedals are further forward to ensure that
you will hit the brake pedal as the first thing in an emergency on
The above setup is how it works in a real race car. We recommend
you drive for several hours first and try to adapt. In a real race
car, where you often have different drivers in the car (as well as
in many endurance sim races), the pedals are adjusted like the above, and there is no opportunity to change that specifically to
any driver. It is just physics that you will have the most efficient
braking when the brake pedal is at a 90-degree angle.


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