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Invicta™ – Brake Pedal Preload Adjustment

To simulate the caliper/pad to disc gap that exists in any real car
– we have implemented a solution that easily lets you adjust just
how much gap you want to use. To change the brake preload,
follow these steps:

1. Loosen the outermost, smaller thumbnut by rotating
it counterclockwise until it comes off the shaft.

2. Rotate the innermost, larger thumbnut to adjust the
amount of preload on your brake:

a. Clockwise to decrease the simulated distance
between disc and caliper/pad. This will immediately
engage the brake when you put your foot on it.

b. Counterclockwise to increase the simulated
distance between the disc and caliper/pad. This
will give you some play in the brake pedal before you
actively engage the brake.

3. Re-tighten the outermost thumbnut by placing it on
the shaft and rotating clockwise until it locks the
innermost, larger thumbnut in place.

Attention: Make sure the mounting of the pedal is set and all parts are secured tightly before use.


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