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Invicta™ – Elastomer Types

We include three (3) different elastomers from the factory that
provides different sensations.

• The black elastomer is the softest and provides easier travel
on your brake pedal.

• The white elastomer is the medium and provides a
more realistic breaking experience. It is close to the
real deal, but not quite there. However, it is a happy
medium for most sim racers. The white elastomer
is preinstalled, by default, in the Invicta™ pedals.

• The green elastomer is the hardest. It provides an
ultra-realistic brake feeling like you would experience
in a Formula car. It is very hard, and to most people, it
will, instinctively, feel like kicking a wall. This gives you the
ultimate ability to train your muscle memory and shave
those all-important last hundreds of a second off your
lap time.

These are our recommendations if you want to adapt your pedal
to something that will feel close to the real deal:

• Formula, LMP, and similar cars: Green or white elastomer
• Rally, Nascar, and GT: White or black elastomer
• Road cars: Black elastomer

Note: Please be aware that only the included elastomer lengths,
hardness’s and types, or those sold on the Asetek SimSports™
Webshop, are officially supported by Asetek SimSports™. Failure
as a result of using different elastomer hardness’s, types, or
lengths will void your warranty.

Attention: Make sure the mounting of the pedal is set and all parts are secured tightly before use.

Elastomer comparison chart:



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