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Invicta™ – Intended Use

Thank you for purchasing the Asetek SimSports™ Invicta™ pedals;
you have made an excellent choice! Asetek SimSports™ Invicta™
pedals will bring you to the next level of your Sim Racing career.
Whether you are a beginning or experienced gamer, you will feel
the immersion of being in a real race car while racing the tracks
across the globe in the virtual space.
The Asetek SimSports™ Invicta™ pedals are designed to be used in
competitive sim racing and simulate the feel of a real race car.
The pedals can be directly connected to any PC with a USB port
and are intended to be mounted in a sim racing cockpit. The
Brake & Throttle can be expanded/combined with the Asetek
SimSports™ Invicta™ Clutch pedal. The clutch pedal can be bought
in our webshop or at an Asetek SimSports™ authorized dealer.

Attention: The pedals are for in-door use only and recommended for ages of 15 and above.


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