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Invicta™ – Reasonably Foreseeable Unintended Use

The following is considered misuse and may void the warranty:
• Use of adaptors or extension sets for cables;
• Use of other cables than provided with the product;
• Use in an environment that varies from or exceeds the given
environmental conditions;
• Use that varies from or exceeds the given operating conditions;
• Failure to comply with the instructions in this manual;
• Failure to eliminate faults, malfunctions, or defects of the product
that impose safety risks;
• Unauthorized removal or modification of parts or safety devices of
the product;
• Use of spare parts or accessories that Asetek SimSports™ has not
• Mounting and/or use of any parts in a vehicle;
• Adjusting pedal settings during operation;
• Operation in a flammable and/or explosive environment.


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