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Invicta™ – Safety information

• The device must not be exposed to rain or humidity to avoid
the risk of fire and electric shock.

• We strongly advise you not to drive a vehicle immediately
after racing simulation games.

• This product is not intended for children under the age of 15

• Contains small pieces. Danger of swallowing!

• Extended periods of gaming may cause health risks. Take a
break of 5 minutes every 20 minutes, and do not play for
more than 2 hours per day.

• Keep hands, fingers, hair, clothing, and jewelry away from the
product when in use.

• Only one person may use the product at any given time.
Keep other persons away from the product when in use.

• Keep the product and the power cord away from children
and pets.
• This product contains components that the user cannot
repair. Opening parts of the product may compromise the
safe use of the product and will void the warranty.

• Do not disassemble this product beyond what is described in
the product manual.

• Avoid eye contact with the lubrication grease and wash
hands thoroughly after adjustment.

• Make sure the mounting of the pedal set and all parts are
secured tightly before use.

• Check frequently that the pedals are mounted properly

• Be aware that the rod clevis has sharp edges

• In the unlikely event of hydraulic oil leakage, avoid contact with skin. In case of exposure, wash the contaminated area thoroughly with soap and water. Do not ingest. 


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