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Invicta™ – Throttle Preload Adjustment

Attention: Always remember that the spring must not act as a stop, instead adjust the throttle pedal stop. See throttle travel distance adjustment for further info.)

For the Invicta™ throttle, you have the option of replacing the
spring for a softer feeling (See Throttle Spring Replacement).
But you can also adjust the preload on both springs.
Adjusting the preload on the throttle spring will shorten the
overall spring length, increasing the amount of force needed
to activate the throttle initially. Doing so will keep the throttle
curves the same but change the initial power required to
activate it.
Adjusting the throttle preload can be done in three (3) simple

1. Turning clockwise, loosen the uppermost thumbnut, which
locks the lowermost thumbnut in place. It is the one closest
to the pedal itself.

2. Adjust preload on the spring by turning the bottom
thumbnut (in contact with the spring):

a. Counterlockwise to tighten the preload, making the
throttle require more force to engage.

b. Clockwise to reduce the preload, making the throttle
require less force to engage.

3. Turn the uppermost thumbnut counterclockwise to retighten it, locking the bottom thumbnut in its position.

4. Recalibrate your pedals in RaceHub™.

Attention: Remember to adjust the pedal stop, to make sure the pedal arm rests on the pedal stop and not the spring.


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