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Invicta™ – Throttle Spring Replacement

To give you a variety of different customization options, that
allow you to bridge the gap between sim racing and real world
racing with precision, we include two (2) springs with the Invicta™
pedals. One, the stiffer option, is preinstalled in the throttle. The
other, is in the supplied box of accessories.
Replacing the throttle spring is a quick and easy process. Simply
follow these seven (7) steps:

1. Remove the rod clevis lock pin.

Attention: Please be aware that the edges on the rod clevis can be sharp.

2. Lift the rod free of the pedal arm.

3. Remove the rod with spring from the pivot bracket

a. At this point you can also access the installation point
beneath, easily

4. Remove the spring from the rod
5. Install your new spring on the rod
6. Reinsert the rod with spring, into the pivot bracket
7. Reinsert the rod clevis lock pin, and make sure it is locked
firmly into place

Attention: Make sure the mounting of the pedal is set and all parts are secured tightly before use.


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