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Forte® – Swapping Elastomers

Swapping Elastomers

Changing the elastomers can easily be done, just follow the steps as instructed:

Caution: Please be aware that edges on the rod clevis can be sharp

1. To swap the elastomers, you will have to remove the clevis attaching the M.L.C.P.C.™ brake cylinder to the pedal arm and swing the cylinder. To achieve this, you must first unlock the thumbnut on the rod.

2. Remove the clevis lock pin

3. Lift the brake cylinder

4. Carefully remove the rod out of the brake cylinder

5. Carefully remove the elastomer with your fingers. If you cannot get it out with your fingers, use the pushrod spring to pull it out.

6. Carefully insert your preferred elastomer  around the spring

7. Grab the rod and carefully insert into the elastomer and over the spring

8. Re-insert the clevis lock pin.

9. Recalibrate the pedals in RaceHub™


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