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Clutch Preload Adjustments

Updated on March 5, 2024

Adjusting the preload on the clutch spring will shorten the overall spring length, increasing the amount of force needed to activate the clutch initially. Doing so will keep the clutch curves the same but change the initial power required to activate it.

Adjusting the clutch preload can be done in three (3) simple steps:

1. Turning clockwise, loosen the uppermost thumbnut, which locks the lowermost thumbnut in place. It is the one closest to the pedal itself.



2. Adjust preload on the spring by turning the bottom thumbnut (in contact with the spring):

a. Counterclockwise to tighten the preload, making the clutch require more force to engage.

b. Clockwise to reduce the preload, making the clutch require less force to engage.



3. Turn the uppermost thumbnut counterclockwise to retighten it, locking the bottom thumbscrew in its position.



4. Recalibrate your clutch in RaceHub®.

Attention: Remember to adjust the pedal stop, to make sure the pedal arm rests on the pedal stop and not the spring.


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