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Shipping and Delivery

We aim to provide easy and flexible shipping to customers in all territories. We provide three types of shipping; Express, Economy, and Postal.

Express is the most expensive but also the fastest, whereas Economy is cheaper, but shipping times tend to be double that of the Express version. Postal is limited to smaller packages suitable for regular mail.

We have two shipping hubs, and we will always be shipping from the one closest to you, but some countries will still experience longer shipping times than others. The same goes for shipping prices, but here, the product’s weight will also have an impact; i.e., an Invicta Wheelbase will, in most cases, be more expensive than an Elastomer Kit.

Shipping times and prices

To view shipping times and prices, add everything you need in the cart and advance to the checkout page, where all shipping options available will be shown along with the price and estimated time.

We do everything we can to have our hubs stocked with all products, but if a product is out of stock, it is always possible to order it from our global shop, but this will, in most cases, be more expensive and take longer to ship.

To see which countries we ship to, check out this list.

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