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Download RaceHub v 2.5.3


RaceHub is our central software where you can calibrate and fine-tune your Asetek SimSports products to fit your exact needs.

It comes with an extensive feature set whether you’re calibrating your pedals, steering wheel, or wheelbase. 

Every aspect of RaceHub is designed for you – so you can spend your time racing instead of solving problems.


In Racehub, you can easily calibrate and adjust your throttle, brake, and clutch in a matter of seconds, whether you’re changing the pedal pressure or dead zones.

All calibrations and adjustments will automatically be saved in our EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) to save you time when you start a new game.


Fine margins can have a huge impact on your performance in the rig, and your performances come down to your settings in many cases. 

Therefore, finding your preferred pedal settings are important to achieve consistency when pushing the pedals.

With RaceHub, you can refine every pedal’s responsive curve to create a pedal map with the best balance between input and output.

Forte RaceHub Pedal Maps


Don’t worry! Of course, it’s possible to play around with different LED settings in RaceHub as well.

You can pick your favorite color and brighten up your sim racing setup at home. And if you don’t like it – you can easily turn it off.


Depending on the race type, you can easily adjust every aspect of the wheelbase to fit your style.

You can choose between a variety of basic and advanced settings to create your preferred race profile.

Invicta Wheelbase Racehub


Through RaceHub, you can customize 128 individual input options on the La Prima and Forte Formula Steering Wheel.

Customize every button, switch, encoder, and paddle to take control of your steering wheel as a true champion.

steering wheel racehub


RaceHub 2.5.3: Current Version

Key features:

  • Support for Forza Motorsport.
  • Support for EA SPORTS™ WRC.
  • Easy RaceHub update – no need to go to our website to update.
  • Optimized for high resolution displays.

Released February 14, 2024.


Release Note

Download earlier versions of RaceHub

V. 2.4 - Highlighted features

Key features in RaceHub 2.4:

  • – Pedals can be upgraded.
  • – More steering range options.
  • – Support for launch on Windows start.
  • – Support for future devices

Released September 19th, 2023.

V. 2.3 - Highlighted features

Key features in RaceHub 2.3:

  • – Support for latched buttons on the steering wheel.
  • – Support for F1 23.
  • – Steering wheel buttons can have a different color when pressed.
  • – Pit limiter support on shift light LEDs.
  • – A new general settings page containing:
    • – Option for enabling/disabling the steering wheel LED idle mode (rainbow mode).
    • – Option for changing RaceHub minimize behavior.
    • – Device information incl. serial number.

Released June 15th, 2023.

V. 2.2 - Highlighted features

Support for:

  • – Improvements to the game setup page
  • – Display my interaction on the wheel in RaceHub
  • – Define which preset should be used at the next startup
  • – Watch the actual changes to flag lights on the physical wheel
  • – Minimize RaceHub to tray
  • – UI improvements, including borderless RaceHub
  • – Performance optimizations when games are running

Released March 29th, 2023.

V. 2.1 - Highlighted features

Support for:

  • – La Prima wheelbase
  • – Forte wheelbase
  • – Invicta wheelbase
  • – La Prima formula steering wheel
  • – Forte formula steering wheel
  • – Game setup

Released February 2nd, 2023.

V. 2.0 - Highlighted features
  • – Support for La Prima pedals
  • – Support for Forte and Invicta S-Series pedalsWheelbase firmware 1.2.60
  • – Support for Forte and Invicta wheelbase
  • – Support for Forte and La Prima

Released January 16th, 2023

V. 1.4 - Highlighted features
  • – Added functionality that allows you to import and export your pedal profiles.
  • – Changed the design for the info menu.
  • – Added Pagani Huayra R sim racing video as an intro video on the main page.
  • – Changed the reset LED color if your connected pedal is a Pagani Huayra R sim racing pedal.

Released September 5th, 2022

V. 1.3 - Highlighted features
  • – RaceHub™ now supports Asetek Forte™ pedals and future pedal products.
  • – The video on the main page will display a random video of either an Invicta pedal set or a Forte pedal set.
  • – Installation of RaceHub is easier since Asetek Danmark A/S has been added as a known and trusted publisher.
  • – The brake calibration can only be completed if some brake input has been registered. This ensures that you won’t get a brake without any input or too low an input range.

Released June 22nd, 2022

V. 1.1 - Highlighted features
  • – Modern design, tested with users to create an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.
  • – See your interaction with the pedals in real-time, as virtual pedals respond to your physical input bridging the real and virtual worlds together.
  • – Quick and intuitive pedal calibration, with visualized dead zones, which can be easily adjusted.
  • – Fine-tune how your pedals react with our pedal maps, giving you complete control of each response curve.
  • – Give the pedals a personal touch with the LED settings. Change the color and brightness to your liking.

Released March 14th, 2022