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While La Prima is our entry-level series - make no mistake! The quality, materials, design and adjustability are identical to the Forte® and Invicta™ series,
giving you the signature Asetek SimSports® experience.

What others call high end, we make possible as entry-level.


Taking feedback from both sim racers and traditional racers, we have designed the La Prima product line to a realistic experience without breaking the bank.

Instead of compromising on quality, performance, or reliability, we have chosen a different approach because – as you know – taking the track less traveled makes all the difference.

Therefore, we have decided that when buying Asetek SimSports products, you buy into an upgradeable platform, making it simple and easy to upgrade to Forte or Invicta.


If you’re a beginner in sim racing, having the most immersive and expensive hardware may not immediately be your priority.

Instead, focusing on learning the basics of racing should be a priority if you want to perform consistently in your rig.

When you’ve grasped the basics and reached a certain level, you may need more immersive hardware to suit higher demands – and that’s where our upgrade kits become convenient.

01. GO!

If you want the feeling of real racing without breaking the bank, the La Prima Pedals are for you!

Using the M.L.C.P.C.™ brake pedal technology, the brake pedal can be adjusted from soft to hard, and it will stay that way!

Instead of compromising on quality, performance or reliability, we have taken a different route. Rather, we have chosen to make it an upgradeable pedal set.


As well as the Forte, and Invicta, La Prima is also compatible with an additional clutch to improve your experience with road cars and historic racers.

Furthermore, the La Prima Clutch System is compatible with the Invicta Brake and Throttle and Forte Brake and Throttle – but will not function as a stand-alone product.


Many wheels, sim racing or real-life racing, get their strength and rigidity from the front face plate and the handles, oftentimes in a closed construction.

Unfortunately, that also makes them locked in size and design. To achieve maximum stiffness, we use an injection molded chassis with carbon, glass, and plastic composite material, providing very high natural rigidity and strength and featuring a laser-etched forged carbon exterior.

This allows you to easily change the handles while not relying on the handlebars to provide strength and stiffness.


Rally, Touring, or GT? The choice is yours!

Introducing our La Prima Button Box! One wheel with all you need.

The type of steering wheel you choose can significantly impact your experience. With a Button Box, you can customize your wheel to a racing style, material, and shape you like with a wide selection of rims you can attach to it!

With 84 individual input options La Prima Button Box will give you all the options you need to take the lead.



To develop the La Prima Direct Drive Wheelbase, we bought and implemented IP from market-leading vendors and teamed up with Mige.

After thousands of man-hours of development from the ground-up of electronics, software, firmware, mechanics, cooperation, design, test, and validation, we developed the 12 Nm La Prima Wheelbase.

With a resolution of 0,000085 degrees or roughly 4.000.000 steps in just one revolution of the wheel, you’ll feel even the smallest bumps and curbs around the track.


Combine Forte products to assemble your perfect setup with a:

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