La Prima™: Take Pole Position

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Enter The Elite of Entry-Level

While La Prima is our entry-level series, make no mistake! We have not compromised on quality, materials, design, nor adjustability, as it is otherwise customary in other entry-level productlines. The quality, materials, design and adjustability of La Prima are identical to its mid- and high-end siblings Forte® and Invicta™, giving you the signature Asetek SimSports® authentic experience.

Instead of compromising on quality, performance or reliability, we have chosen a different approach; because – as you know – taking the track less traveled makes all the difference.
Therefore, we have decided that when buying Asetek SimSports you buy into an upgradeable platform, making it simple and easy to upgrade to Forte or Invicta when you are ready for that.

Taking feedback from both sim racers and traditional racers, we have designed the La Prima product line to a realistic experience without breaking the bank. To further perfect the price point, we chose to only sell this bundle through our official webshop. Instead, the upgrade kits will only be available through our global reseller network.

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La Prima bundle

What others call high-end; we make possible as entry-level

Many wheels, sim racing or real-life racing, get their strength and rigidity from the front face plate and the handles, oftentimes in a closed construction (handlebars are in mechanical connection in both ends). Unfortunately, that also makes them locked in size and design. To achieve maximum stiffness we use an injection molded chassis with a carbon, glass and plastic composite material providing a very high natural rigidity and strength, and featuring a laser-etched forged carbon exterior. This allows you, the user, to easily change the handles, add clutches, and DRS paddles, while not relying on the handlebars to provide strength and stiffness.

La Prima Sim Racing Wheel

Steer Towards Victory

To add to the overall anti-flex and a proper interface to the removable handles, the chassis features a metal spider interface inside, and altogether it yields a stiff, non-flexing steering wheel where the handles can be changed and or upgraded over time to help give you the steering wheel YOU want! For now, we have two different sizes, the default giving a perfect fit and grip for average-size hands and an XL version for larger hands. 

 The ergonomic handles are made in comfortable, soft, and durable silicone rubber, that is easy to clean and disinfect and will give you ultimate comfort and control, regardless of whether you are wearing racing gloves or not. You will have the option to easily change the handles to quickly implement future upgrades to color, size, shape, and hardness.

The front face of the wheel is made in a 1mm woven carbon plate providing a beautiful home for all the button switches.

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Aiming higher

When we set out to develop our range of direct drive wheelbases, we wanted to develop the best sim racing wheelbases on the market as measured on all parameters but without breaking the bank. We had greater aspirations than just reselling a standard industrial servo motor and then trying to adapt everything else around it. We bought and implemented IP from market-leading vendors, teamed up with Mige, a well-known motor supplier to sim racing, and after thousands of man-hours of development from the ground-up of electronics, software, firmware, mechanics, cooperation, design, test, and validation, we are now ready!
Please meet the 12Nm upgradeable La Prima Wheelbase!

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La Prima Sim Racing Wheelbase

If you want the feeling of real racing and quality materials without breaking the bank, the La Prima pedal set is for you! Using The M.L.C.P.C.™ brake pedal technology, the brake pedal on the La Prima pedal set can be adjusted from soft to hard (by changing elastomers), and it will stay that way – unlike many other sim racing pedals on the market, where the hardness and feel will degrade over time.

As mentioned before, when buying an Asetek SimSports pedal set, you buy into a platform, making it simple and easy to upgrade to Forte or Invicta at a later point!
You simply buy your desired upgrade kit, and all you pay for is the upgrade itself. As such, your purchase of the La Prima pedal set will be future-proof. Better for you – better for the environment.

la prima sim racing pedals

As well as the Forte and Invicta product lines, La Prima comes with the offer of an additional clutch to improve your experience with road cars and historic racers. The La Prima Clutch system is compatible with the Invicta Brake and Throttlethe Forte Brake and Throttle, and La Prima Brake and Throttle – but will not function as a stand-alone product. 

La Prima Clutch

More to Come

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