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Installation (Invicta Clutch System)

Updated on March 5, 2024

This section will teach you how to get your Invicta Clutch System set up and running:

Installing your Pedals

To mount the pedals in your cockpit, you will need the following tools:

• Allen key, 3 mm (not included)
• Allen key, 5 mm (not included)
• Key wrench (not included)

Note: Use the Allen keys supplied with the pedals.

Optional Tools

Depending on your rig and mounting preference, you may also need the following tools:

• Pencil or marker
• Screwdriver
• Power drill

Mounting to your Rig

The pedals are intended to be solely used while mounted to a sim racing rig.

The clutch has two (2) mounting holes in fixed positions. As such, all adjustments to the positioning of the base must be handled by your rig.

The baseplate is designed to be used with M6 screws, and holes in your rig should be with Ø6,4 diameter. It is also compatible with the included M6 slot nuts.

The Asetek SimSports® Invicta™ pedals are designed to withstand an extreme amount of force. Therefore, it is paramount that you install them on a very rigid base. Ideal conditions are aluminum profile cockpits or a thick metal baseplate (as a minimum, we recommend: 3 mm, steel).

Mounting your pedals:

1. Carefully remove excess dust and debris from the installation location.

2. Dismount the Invicta™ Brake & Throttle

3. Unscrew the M6x5 set screws from the brake & throttle


4. Insert the connection pins in the connection holes of the clutch.



5. Place the clutch next to your brake & throttle.

6. Use the guiding pins to align the clutch to the brake and throttle.

7. Insert the guiding pins of the clutch into the holes on the side of the brake & throttle.


8. Use the four (4) M6x5 set screws from above to secure the guiding pins in place.

9. Route the cable under the Invicta™ Brake & Throttle through the bezel and insert the cable to the Invicta™ Clutch.

10. Align the holes in the clutch to the two existing mounting holes in your sim racing cockpit, if available.

11. Mount the clutch and brake & throttle to your sim racing rig.

If there are holes available:

12. Mount the clutch to the existing holes using two (2) provided M6x20 bolts, two (2) washers, and two (2) hex nuts or two (2) M6 slot nuts (depending on your rig).

If there are no holes available or they do not line up, you can use the mounting schematics available here – or continue to step 13.

13. Mark the drilling locations.

14. Remove the pedal and drill two (2) Ø6.4 mm holes.

15. Mount the pedal to the holes using the two (2) provided M6x20 bolts, two (2) washers, two (2) hex nuts or two (2) M6 slot nuts (depending on your rig).

Remember to attach the Invicta® Clutch to the Invicta® Brake & Throttle before mounting, described from step 4 to 11.


You have successfully mounted your Asetek SimSports® Invicta® Pedals + Clutch System to your rig.

Enjoy the ride!

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