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Performance. Precision. Passion.

Everything we do is based on three words that define Asetek SimSports. These three words encapsulate everything from shaping our history and everyday life to driving our motivations and influencing our design philosophy.


Asetek is a global leader in mechatronic innovation and a Danish garage-to-stock-exchange success story. Our journey began in 2000 when we disrupted the PC cooling market with our groundbreaking all-in-one liquid cooler, setting new standards for performance and efficiency.

In 2021, we made our entrance into the world of sim racing as Asetek SimSports®. With our state-of-the-art hydraulic Invicta™ Pedals, we transformed the sim racing scene, pushing limits and redefining what’s possible.

Since then, Asetek SimSports has continued to evolve and expand, offering an extensive range of high-quality products across three Product Lines designed to immerse your sim racing experience. Our La Prima™, Forte®, and Invicta™ lines provide various wheels, wheelbases, and pedal options for every sim racer.


Because racing is in our DNA, we want to win – that is the whole point of racing. And that was why André founded Asetek in the first place – to make his CPU perform better and win more races.

This attitude shines through in the design of our products, not only because we want to provide the best products but also because we want to enable our community to win. And, of course, these two things go hand in hand as a responsive wheelbase and a strong brake pedal will make you faster in the sim.


Going from liquid cooling to sim racing gear may seem like quite the leap, but from an engineering perspective, the two are quite similar. At Asetek, we conquered the world of liquid cooling by excelling at ‘mechatronics’, which is the integration of mechanics, hardware, and software, and that is exactly what sim racing gear consists of.

On top of precise engineering capabilities and real-world racing experience, we are also experts in mass manufacturing, having produced and sold over 10 million watercoolers, so we were very well suited to take on the sim racing world.


Founder and CEO of Asetek, André Eriksen, has always had a burning passion for racing, as is evident in the early days of Asetek as a liquid cooling business. When going to university, André discovered that overclocking his CPU with cooling would make him faster in a motocross game, and thus the seed was planted.

It then sprouted and developed into groundbreaking innovation in liquid cooling, and André continued to feed his passion for racing in go-karting and later formula racing. Having passed this passion onto his son Valdemar, who now races GT3 and LMP3, André wanted to build a practice simulator.

However, there was evident room for improvement in the sim racing niche, so Asetek branched out into Asetek SimSports.

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