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La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedals Brake & Throttle

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Drawing inspiration from real-life racing, the La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedal set has been thoroughly tested by pro racers and sim enthusiasts to deliver unparalleled performance.

Taking their valuable feedback into account, the pedals were engineered to give you an authentic braking experience without breaking the bank.

While La Prima™ is our entry-level series, make no mistake! Unlike many other flimsy entry-level pedals on the market, we have not compromised on quality, materials, design, or adjustability, which are identical to its mid- and high-end siblings Forte® and Invicta™.

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Inspired by real-life racing

Experience the authentic feeling of real racing and premium materials without stretching your budget by choosing the La Prima™ Sim Racing Pedals.

The pedals are mounted with the M.L.C.P.C.™ brake pedal technology which provides adjustable hardness that maintains its feel over time, ensuring that you get a consistent racing experience every time. 

When you invest in a La Prima pedal set, you enter a platform – making it simple and easy to upgrade to Forte® or Invicta™ pedals sets in the future. You simply buy your desired upgrade kit, and all you pay for is the upgrade itself. Easy and simple.

The La Prima pedals feature sock-friendly face plates, ensuring a comfortable driving experience with and without shoes.

1. Enhanced Control

A hard brake pedal provides you with more control and increases your chances of delivering consistent performances every time.

2. Improve Muscle Memory

An improved use of muscle memory helps you to refine your pedal inputs and thereby establish more consistent braking.

3. Shorter Travel, Later Braking

A hard brake equates to a shorter travel distance, meaning you physically need to move the brake for a shorter duration to gain maximum braking power.


Most mechanical sim racing pedals on the market have an ‘unlimited’ travel, essentially determined by how hard you squeeze the elastomer. Often, the elastomer is overworked (compressed beyond its design), resulting in a spongy and inconsistent brake feel, eventually leading to the elastomer breaking due to being overworked and out of specification.  
But, most importantly, with the longer brake pedal travel, you have to brake earlier to build up full brake pressure and lose out on important milliseconds every lap.

To avoid that, the functionality of the M.L.C.P.C System is based on two stages – the soft stage and the hard stage – just like in a real race car and the Invicta Pedals.


Real race car:

When you apply pressure on the pedal, it will move 10-20 mm (measured on the pedal plate), while you build up pressure, while the caliper pistons are traveling to and pushing the brake pads against the brake disc, and to compensate for the small amount of play in all the mechanical parts on the pedal system that is required for them not to seize up.

The M.L.C.P.C System:

In our pursuit of creating the most authentic race car feel, we've incorporated a mechanical stop in the M.L.C.P.C. System. That means you can adjust the hardness of the soft stage by changing elastomers, but the travel will be limited to 15-25 mm on the pedal plate (around 12 mm piston travel in the M.L.C.P.C cylinder).


Real race car:

When hydraulic pressure is built up, the brake pads are squeezing the discs hard and all mechanical play is compensated. In this stage, your foot is basically pressing against a wall, because now your muscles are pressing directly against the hydraulic forces (the brake fluid). Since the fluid cannot be compressed, you will feel the pedal is hard.

When a racecar driver complains about a “long” or a “soft” pedal, it is typically because there is air in the system, and since air CAN be compressed, the pedal will feel soft and long. The mechanics then bleed the brakes for air, meaning there is only fluid left in the system, and the pedal is once again hard after passing the “soft stage”.

The M.L.C.P.C. System:

To simulate the ‘hard stage’ where it feels like pressing against a concrete wall, we have implemented a rubber damper, which will simulate the fully engaged brake caliper but still enable the load cell sensor to measure additional pedal pressure, which makes perfect trail braking possible. This is the same feeling you get in a real race car.


Because the load cell sensor is implemented with a gearing (ratio between pedal pressure and load cell deflection), any user using from the softest elastomer to the hardest elastomer will experience the full load cell resolution of around 4000 points in only 12mm inside the M.L.C.P.C cylinder from released pedal to 2nd stage. That is a resolution of 1/5th of a human hair!


We have made this adjustable, so you can have the feeling just the way you like it – and just like your favorite car. Using the RaceHub software, you can also adjust your dead zone on the brake pedal. This allows you to rest your foot on the pedal without getting inputs to the game.


RaceHub is our central software for calibrating and adjusting Asetek SimSports products to suit your exact needs. 

Tailoring your hardware settings is crucial for achieving consistency in every performance, and that’s why RaceHub comes with an extensive list of features to help you achieve your goals in the simulator. 

Effortlessly calibrate and adjust your throttle, brake, and clutch within seconds. All calibrations and adjustments are automatically saved in our EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), saving you time for future races. 


We aim to lead the industry – not only in quality but also in innovation. Our goal is to transform the way you acquire, use, and upgrade your sim racing hardware, providing a future-proof platform that facilitates simple and easy upgrades, allowing you to easily upgrade to Forte Pedals or Invicta Pedals.

This platform philosophy benefits you, us, and, most importantly, the environment by promoting the reuse of existing products and minimizing waste.




  • Depth, width, and height: 18.0 in x 8.4 in x 10.1 in
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs

Tech Specs:

  • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic industrial Danish design 
  • Adjustable pedal stops 
  • Adjustable travel settings 
  • All-black anodized aluminum pedal base and pedal arms 
  • All-black anodized aluminum smooth and sock-friendly pedal plates allowing hours and hours of comfortable use. The pedal plates can be adjusted vertically 
  • Pedal base with integrated heel rest  
  • Calibrations made in RaceHub will automatically be saved in our EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory). This results in calibration (pressures, deadzones, and more) that will remain saved for every simulator/game (You do need to set 0 and 100% values in the game) 
  • Only one USB connection to the PC from the pedal base regardless of 2 or 3 pedal utilization 
  • All adjustable mechanical features are by default colored orange 
  • Inhouse-developed electronics with 16-bit resolution 
  • Easy to add clutch pedal to the La Prima Throttle & Brake combo 
  • Designed and tested to +1,000,000 activations, which far exceeds any race car specification

Brake System:


  • The M.L.C.P.C.™ (Mechanical Load Cell Powered Cylinder) patent-pending brake cylinder gives you the experience of driving a real race car. 
  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm with integrated long durability ball bearings and bronze bushing at the clevis rotation point 
  • Load cell will sense up to 396 lbs of force on the face of the pedal plate with the hardest elastomer (4000N depressed 12mm / until 2nd stage is engaged.) 
  • Geared ratio between pedal pressure and load cell deflection, ensuring constant and full resolution to any user independent of elastomer hardness. 4000 points in only 12mm inside the M.L.C.P.C. cylinder from released pedal to 2nd stage 1/5th of a human hair. 
  • Two-stage system that mimics the hard- and soft stages of a real race car 
  • Manually adjustable initial touch hardness to mimic perfect brake pad to brake disc distance 
  • Pedal arm designed for 440 lbs of force and a burst pressure of up to 1543 lbs.

Throttle System:

  • Die-cast aluminum zero play pedal arm.
  • 16-bit wireless magnetic hall TPS (Throttle Position Sensor) with no mechanical wear and zero maintenance 
  • Custom throttle curves can be adjusted and 100% customized in the RaceHub™ software to mimic a real race car butterfly opening. For example, a linear curve in dry conditions and a progressive in wet conditions 
  • Adjustable pedal stop 
  • Pedal arm designed for 440 lbs of force and a burst pressure of up to 1543 lbs. 


Compatible products:

Only PC compatible, but console support planned in the future.


  • Windows 10, 11 


  • Assetto Corsa 
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione 
  • DiRT Rally 
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 
  • F1 Series 
  • iRacing 
  • Project Cars 2 
  • rFactor 2 
  • And many more (all games that accept direct input devices) 


La Prima™ Clutch System
$ 124.99 Excl. VAT $ 124.99
Elastomer Kit
$ 41.99 Excl. VAT $ 41.99
Firm Throttle Spring
$ 9.99 Excl. VAT $ 9.99
Forte® Pedal Face Plates
$ 32.99 Excl. VAT $ 32.99
Invicta™ Pedal Face Plates
$ 32.99 Excl. VAT $ 32.99
Universal Footrest
$ 32.99 Excl. VAT $ 32.99
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