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Direct Drive Wheelbases

Precision at Every Curve

We have developed three different Direct Drive Wheelbases:

True to the spirit of every product we make, the quality, durability, and user experience remain the same in each wheelbase.

All wheelbases feature a premium 22-bit encoder, slip ring, and electronics, providing unrivaled immersion, leaving cogging and lagging in the dust.


You may be wondering: Why should I choose a Direct Drive Wheelbase?

First and foremost, they provide unparalleled levels of force feedback and responsiveness, giving you an authentic and immersive driving experience.

They are also a reliable investment because of their longevity, and you can really push yourself to the limit and become a better sim racer.



  • Peak torque of 12 Nm
  • 22-bit encoder resolution
  • Slip ring tested to +200 million rotations
  • 180w power supply
  • H: 133 mm, W: 132 mm, L: 293 mm, W: 8.5 kg.

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  • Peak torque of 18 nM
  • Slew rate: 6.7 Nm/ms
  • 400w power supply
  • 4 x 21 programmable RGB LEDs
  • H: 133 mm, W: 132 mm, L: 293 mm, W: 8.5 kg

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  • Peak torque of 27 Nm
  • Slew rate: 9.4 Nm/ms
  • 400w power supply
  • 6 x 25 programmable RGB LEDs
  • H: 133 mm,  W: 132 mm, L: 327 mm, W: 11.3 kg

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