Asetek SimSports® Sim Racing Steering Wheels

Compromising doesn’t win races. That’s why we don’t believe in the concept of compromise. We believe in improving performance through innovation so that you can not only cross the finish line, but break records.

Honoring our commitment to providing next-level sim racing experiences through innovation, we have engineered our new steering wheels to offer a dynamic range of options, ensuring that you can customize your setup to match your racing style. Taking versatility to new levels, our sim racing wheels adapt to your needs, enhancing your racing experience and your performance without compromise.

So rev up your engines, hit the apex, and take that perfect racing line; the Asetek Simsports® Wheel Button Boxes are here!

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Presenting: The La Prima™ and Forte® Wheel Button Boxes

Our new La Prima™ and Forte® wheel button boxes will take you through any terrain. We’ve engineered our new steering wheel products to offer a dynamic range of options, ensuring that you can customize your setup to match your racing style – without compromise.

The La Prima and Forte Button Boxes are designed to accommodate both sim racers as well as traditional racers. They even support the various disciplines within sim racing such as Rally, Drift, GT, Touring or Road car. You can watch our CEO André Eriksen explain more on our YouTube channel, or keep scrolling to learn more.

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Forte® Wheel Button Box

With 112 individual input options, the Asetek Simsports® Forte® Button Box will give you all the options you need to take the lead and top stop on the podium. Every button, encoder and switch is located within easy reach for simple on-the-go adjustments.

Supporting additional paddles, you have everything you need to be on top of your game.

Featuring eight push buttons, two 2-way toggle switches and two 7-way kinky switches, three rotary encoders, and four thumb encoders, you can control and map all your desired settings.

379.99 € *price may vary depending on local VAT

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Sim Racing Button Plate


La Prima™ Wheel Button Box

With 84 individual input options, the Asetek Simsports® La Prima™ Button Box features all the adjustability you need to make your way to the podium. On-the-go adjustability within easy reach.

Customize the look of your wheel by changing LED colours and behaviour to match your personal preference.

279.99 € *price may vary depending on local VAT

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From Track To Trail: One Wheel, Endless Possibilities

When it comes to sim racing, the type of steering wheel you choose can significantly impact your experience. This is why we’ve designed a wide selection of rims, so you don’t have to compromise on your performance. Each rim is designed with specific racing styles in mind, and knowing how to utilize them to your advantage is key. Whether you’re navigating smooth tracks, mastering GT cars, tackling rally challenges, or executing daring drift maneuvers, there’s a rim designed to complement your racing journey.

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Introducing Our Premium Leather and Suede Sim Racing Rim Collection

Closed-D Leather: Crafted for versatility, it adapts to your racing style. Made from high-quality materials, it’s the epitome of durability and authenticity.

119.99 €*

Round Leather: Versatile and handcrafted, it’s perfect for various racing styles. Its high-quality materials ensure both durability and authenticity.

119.99 €*

Round Comfort+: The Comfort+ rim offers exceptional comfort and performance for a wide range of racing disciplines. It’s sustainably made and well suited for extended racing sessions.

159.99 €*

Open-D Leather: Crafted for versatility, it’s ideal for multiple racing styles, combining durability and authenticity.

119.99 €*

Open-D Suede: This suede-rimmed masterpiece offers precise handling and unparalleled comfort, perfect for your sim racing adventure. We recommend using racing gloves for the best experience.

119.99 €*

Each rim has a diameter of 330mm. They embody our commitment to quality and craftsmanship, enhancing your sim racing journey. Choose your style and take your racing to the next level.

*price may vary depending on local VAT

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Formidable Formula

A dedicated formula wheel for sim racing is crucial for an immersive and authentic experience. Unlike generic wheels, a formula wheel is crafted with precision to mimic the ergonomics of a real Formula 1 car’s steering. Its compact design ensures a seamless transition between virtual and actual racing, enhancing the sense of realism for enthusiasts – and our Formula wheels are designed to give you just that.

La Prima™ Formula Steering Wheel controls

  • 12 push buttons
  • 2 seven-way kinky switches
  • 3 twelve position rotary encoders
  • 2 thumb encoders
  • 2 contactless magnetic shifter paddles


  • Radical and minimalistic design
  • Injected molded carbon fiber chassis
  • Easy-to-use Quick Release
  • Interchangeable handles
  • Upgradeable to Forte specs


Forte® Formula Steering Wheel controls

  • 12 aRGB LEDs for backlit rotary switches 
  • 12 Push buttons
  • 2 Two-way toggle switches
  • 2 Seven-way kinky switches
  • 3 Twelve position rotary encoders
  • 6 Thumb encoders
  • 2 Contactless magnetic shifter paddles

Forte formula steering Wheel

Software features

  • Every button, switch, encoder, and paddles are fully customizable
  • Blend your perfect combination of LEDs
  • Configure the clutch to your needs
  • Pitlate control and pit limiter


Not the ordinary steering wheel

Have you ever found yourself staring at a Formula Racing Steering Wheel, wondering what all the buttons and switches actually do?

You’re not the first! But don’t worry, we’re here to explain everything to you.

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