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Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase 27Nm

1.624,99  Excl. VAT 1.299,99 

Feel the track like never before with the 27Nm Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase. You’ll experience incredible resolution and supreme responsiveness, providing you with an unrivaled racing experience every time you take the wheel.

Every part of the wheelbase contributes to smooth, responsive, and precise feedback. Three essential aspects that undoubtedly will improve the immersion in your sim racing setup and help you become a better racer. 

The Invicta Direct Wheelbase features a resolution of 0.000085 degrees, translating to approximately 4,000,000 steps in a single revolution of the wheel. This allows you to feel every nuance and trim those crucial milliseconds that make all the difference. 

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“Honestly the whole experience of upgrading to Asetek was a revolution for me I absolutely love the Invicta wheelbase, pedals and forte wheel, it has transformed my sim racing experience”

- Michael (April 8, 2024)

"I have owned an Asetek Invicta DD and Forte wheel for the last 10 months and I can say that I am happy I made the switch. From the quality, available features, and cost, to the customer relations witnessed I am pleased with the company and their products"

- Wesley (April 5, 2024)

"Invicta wheelbase - best. Period. Clearly the equipment is made to do exactly what it’s supposed to do and act real"

- Adam (April 6, 2024)

The Pro’s Choice

Direct Drive Wheelbases stand out as the top-tier solution for both professional drivers and sim racers based on a host of benefits that set them apart from the competition. 

Firstly, they provide an unparalleled level of immersion. This is made possible by the ability to reproduce the actual force feedback experienced in real racing, thanks to the direct connection between the wheel and motor. 

Another significant benefit is improved accuracy and precision. The direct connection ensures that these attributes seamlessly translate into greater control over the car. This allows you to execute more responsive movements and make faster adjustments on the track because of the empowered and delay-free connection between the components. 

Moreover, direct drive wheelbases boast exceptional durability and longevity. The absence of belts or gears that wear out over time results in reduced maintenance requirements and an extended lifespan compared to other wheelbases available in the market. 

Compatible with the Quick Release Adapter, allowing you to easily connect your favorite steering wheel to the wheelbase.


One of the aspects that makes sim racing special is the option to customize your setup according to your specific needs.

The never-ending struggle for perfection is why we grind.

Different racers have different needs, which is why specific hardware solutions are necessary. What works effectively for someone else may not work for you.

Based on this, we believe combining hardware from different OEMs should be the standard in sim racing, and therefore, we give you the chance to select the hardware you prefer.


That is why we designed our Invicta Quick Release Adapter! In basic terms, the Invicta Quick Release Adapter makes it possible to mount any steering wheel with a standard hole pattern on your Asetek SimSports Wheelbase.

Until now, this has not been possible. But now it is thanks to our Invicta Quick Release Adapter Kit.

We aspire to be a game-changer in sim racing by supporting our users in their mission for performance and the most authentic experience – and by introducing this product to the market, we believe we have taken a major step towards achieving this goal and towards bringing the sim racing industry into a new era.


We’ve also partnered with some of the best wheel manufacturers in sim racing.

That means you will be able to buy one of their wheels with our quick release fitted right from their factory! This option allows you to have the smoothest and most flexible experience straight out of the box when switching between your favorite wheels – be they powered or non-powered wheels.

The Invicta Quick Release will be the same and have the same cool features whether you buy it as a separate item from our Asetek SimSports webshop, from a reseller, or if you buy it as an integrated part of one of our partners’ wheels.

Don’t get stuck in traffic

All Asetek SimSports® wheelbases feature our own Quick Release System which is as easy to use as shifting gear – literally.  
To disconnect the wheel from the base, all you have to do is to press a paddle and the wheel will be in your hands. Needless to say – we are not relying on wireless signals, batteries that need to be charged, or cables that can break or fall off. Everything is included in our easy–to–use no–play Quick Release.  
Many sim racers have personal preferences for their steering wheel. So instead of locking you into a specific eco-system, we have teamed up with a number of leading wheel vendors that will offer native support for the Asetek SimSports® Direct Drive wheelbases, meaning you can rest assured that you will be buying into a flexible and ever-expanding ecosystem.


Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount
74,99  Excl. VAT 59,99 
Asetek SimSports® Front Mount
156,24  Excl. VAT 124,99 
Asetek SimSports® Wheelbase Mount With Tilt
93,74  Excl. VAT 74,99 
Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount w. Table Clamps
84,02  Excl. VAT 67,22 

1. Immersion Beyond All

Direct Drive Sim Wheelbases authentically replicate real driving experiences by precisely reproducing the sensation of force feedback.

2. Responsive Feedback

Direct Drive Wheelbases surpass other types of wheelbases by delivering faster and smoother feedback, enabling you to react quicker during races.

3. Accuracy and Realism

Direct Drive Wheelbases deliver an unparalleled feedback system that faithfully replicates the precise forces, providing you with the most accurate and realistic racing sensation.


RaceHub is our central software for calibrating and adjusting Asetek SimSports products to suit your exact needs. 

Tailoring your hardware settings is crucial for achieving consistency in every performance, and that’s why RaceHub comes with an extensive list of features to help you achieve your goals in the simulator. 

Effortlessly calibrate and adjust your throttle, brake, and clutch within seconds. All calibrations and adjustments are automatically saved in our EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory), saving you time for future races. 



Tech specs 

  • Exquisite, radical, and minimalistic Danish industrial design 
  • Anodized extruded aluminum housing 
  • Direct Drive Force Feedback 
  • Max torque 27Nm peak/holding*
  • Peak Slew rate: 9.4 Nm/ms
  • Encoder resolution: 22bit / 0,000085 degrees / 4.000.000 steps
  • 5-port USB-C Hub 
  • 6×25 Programmable RGB LEDs that can be adjusted, dimmed or completely turned off in Asetek SimSports® RaceHub™ 
  •  Asetek SimSports® Quick Release 
  • 400w power supply 
  • Slipring designed and tested to +200.000.000 rotations 

*All Asetek’s wheelbases are built grounds up with sim racing applications in mind. Holding torque is defined as up to 40 seconds continuously, which covers even the most extreme sweeper curves etc. ranging from rally to oval and road racing.

Software Features

  • Setup and save profile presets – Customize your settings to fit your car, track, and conditions 
  • Adjust steering range, bumpstop hardness, and bumpstop range 
  • Adjust Overall Force, Basic Damping, and Basic Smoothing


  • Height: 133mm
  • Width: 132mm
  • Length (Incl. Quick Release): 327mm 
  • Weight: 11,3kg

Box Contents

  • Invicta™ Direct Drive Wheelbase
  • US Power Cord 1.5m
  • EU Power Cord 1.5m
  • UK Power Cord 1.5m
  • ON/OFF button box
  • Torque OFF button box
  • Power Supply 400W
  • USB-C to USB-A cable


To the extent possible, if/when we are able to natively support consoles, we will offer a motherboard upgrade to the wheelbase.

Platforms: Windows 10, 11



  • Assetto Corsa 
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione 
  • DiRT Rally 
  • DiRT Rally 2.0 
  • F1 Series 
  • iRacing 
  • Project Cars 2 
  • rFactor 2 
  • And many more (all games that accept direct input devices) 

Mounting options

As all wheelbases are designed from the ground up, we have been able to develop an extremely compact and flexible form factor accommodating any rig and need. The wheelbase will serve as the central hub in your simulator, where you can connect your Asetek SimSports® pedals, wheels and future peripherals with up to 5 USB-C ports in the rear.  

In its simplest mounting form (default from factory), the bases come with T-nuts pre-installed in bottom grooves, enabling the motor to slide back and forth in your rig without installing long and expensive steering wheel spacers that ultimately can compromise the life and reliability of your wheelbase.

For all wheelbases, we have developed mounting options for any rig, ranging from a bottom mount, side mount, and all the way to our integrated front mounts.

Asetek SimSports® Front Mount

Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount

Asetek SimSports® Bottom Mount w. Tilt

Asetek SimSports® Side Mount w. Tilt


Many sim racers love to tinker with and show off their great rig, and therefore we have implemented up to six fully customizable ARGB LED strips – allowing you to match your wheelbase to the rest of your Asetek SimSports® equipment, team colors, or even the color of your fireproof racing underwear!

Everything is managed by our central software RaceHub, which is also the home for your wheelbase, where you, in addition to all your other Asetek SimSports® equipment, can adjust the base and driving experience exactly to your preference! 


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