Racehub 2.0.0. - Current version

Key features in RaceHub 2.0.0:

Pedal firmware 1.5.0
– Support for La Prima pedals
– Support for Forte and Invicta S-Series pedals

Wheelbase firmware 1.2.60
– Support for Forte and Invicta wheelbase

Wheel firmware 0.2
– Support for Forte and La Prima

Released January 16th 2023.


Changelog (release notes)

Earlier versions of RaceHub

V. 1.4.0 - Highlighted features
  • Added functionality that allows you to import and export your pedal profiles.
  • Changed the design for the info menu.
  • Added Pagani Huayra R sim racing video as an intro video on the main page.
  • Changed the reset LED color if your connected pedal is a Pagani Huayra R sim racing pedal.

Released September 5th 2022.

v1.3.0 - Highlighted features

This release note contains both 1.2.0 and 1.3.0 features. V1.2.0 was never available for public use. 

  • RaceHub™ now supports Asetek Forte™ pedals and future pedal products.
    When you connect your Asetek Forte™ pedals to your pc these things have been implemented:

      • The pedals are detected and handled.
      • The showroom page is not available for these pedals.
      • The 3D animation of the Invicta pedals is changed to a 3D image of the Forte™, that only responds to LED changes.
      • The 3D image of the Forte™ responds to a clutch being connected/disconnected.
      • Calibrating your brake doesn’t show the value’s unit (in bars) since it’s not relevant for a load cell brake.
  • The video on the main page will display a random video of either an Invicta pedal set or a Forte pedal set.
  • Installation of RaceHub is easier since Asetek Danmark A/S has been added as a known and trusted publisher.
  • The brake calibration can only be completed if some brake input has been registered. This ensures that you won’t get a brake without any input or too low an input range.

Released June 22nd.