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Sim Racing Steering Wheel Wall Mount

$ 12.99 Excl. VAT $ 12.99

The Asetek SimSports® Steering Wheel Wall Mount is an easy, stylish, and convenient way to store your collection of sim racing wheels. The wall mount is easy to install in no time (screws and wall plugs included) and is compatible with all steering wheels using the SimuCube style connector and Asetek style connectors. 

The Steering Wheel Wall Mount is perfect for a decorative display of your wheels, whether you have one or several you want to showcase. Having a dedicated place for your favorite sim racing wheels makes it quick and easy to find and install the wheel you want to use on your rig – and you also protect the delicate parts of the wheel compared to putting them in your cupboard.  

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Dimensions (W x H x D): 140 mm x 120 mm x 1,5 mm

Weight: 162 g 

Screws and wall plugs are included  

Design features:

  • Danish design 
  • Laser cut steel 
  • Quick-to-mount 


The Asetek SimSports® Steering Wheel Wall Mount is compatible with steering wheels using the SimuCube style connector* and Asetek style connector. 

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