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Firm Throttle Spring Replacement

The firm throttle spring is an easy-to-install accessory for your Asetek SimSports® Invicta™ pedals. The throttle spring is harder than the one originally included and allows you to have a firmer sensation and even better throttle control. It gives you a better feel when racing, higher resistance and makes it possible to apply more pressure to the throttle, which gives you an even more realistic racing experience.

Replacing the throttle is a quick and easy process. Simply follow these steps:

If your pedal set is installed in a rig, please uninstall the pedal from the rig.



1. Remove the rod clevis lock pin

Attention: Please be aware that the edges on the rod clevis can be sharp.

2. Lift the rod free of the pedal arm.

3. Remove the rod with spring from the pivot bracket

4. Remove the spring from the rod.
5. Turn the pedal set on the side.

6. Loosen the two top screws underneath the spring holder.

7. You should now be able to remove one side of the spring holder.

8. Replace the orange throttle spring pivot base and replace it with the black spring pivot base included with the Firm Throttle Spring.

9. Reinstall the spring holder you removed and tighten the screws once again

10. Install the Firm Throttle Spring on the rod.

11. Reinsert the rod with spring into the pivot bracket.

12. Reinsert the rod clevis lock pin, and make sure it is locked firmly into place.

Attention: Make sure the mounting of the pedal is set and all parts are secured tightly before use.

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